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>>Development of Massage Therapy in China
>>Major Schools of Chinese Massage Therapy
>>Health Benefits of Massage Therapy
>>Basic Techniques of Chinese Massage
>>The Practice of Chinese Massage Therapies
>>Acupressure Techniques for Health Maintenance
>Promote the facial and head region
>Promote the eye region
>Promote the nasal region
>Promote the ear region
>Promote the chest region
>Promote the abdominal region
>Promote the neck and chest region
>Promote the lumbar region
>Promote the upper limbs
>Promote the lower limbs
>>Acupressure Techniques for Common Ailments
>Easing mental stress and inducing relaxation
>Invigorating the mind and strengthening mental response
>Replenishing the kidney and improving vitality
>Enhancing the digestive function
>Clearing the nasal passages
>Arresting hiccups
>Liver and vision-enhancing massage
>Relieving hoarseness
>>Acupressure Techniques for Assisting Health Problems
>Massage to relieve headache
>Massage to relieve insomnia
>Massage to relieve hypertension
>Massage to relieve constipation
>Massage to relieve diabetes
>Massage to relieve menstrual pain
>Massage to relieve ear ringing
>Massage to relieve allergic rhinitis

>>Female Infertility
>>Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
>>Weight loss
>>Massage Therapy for Menopause
>>Massage techniques to promote sleep
>>Leg cramps
>>Restless legs syndrome (RLS)
>>Chinese acupressure to reduce blood pressure