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A brief overview of TCM in history and a chronology of important events and classic texts.
Basic Principles
Yin yang, five elements, major organs, meridians, qi (vital energy), six evils and seven emotions.
Health Topics
Disease topics from both Western Medicine and TCM perspectives.
Examination & Diagnosis
TCM examination skills, diagnostic methods and specialties.
TCM Glossary
A quick guide to understanding TCM terminology.
Herbal Glossary
Origin, historical use, pharmacological actions, indications of Chinese herbs. A list of classic formulae.
Chinese Medicine Research
Overview and links to TCM research.
Treatment Modalities
Herbal therapies, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and other techniques.
Guide for living and wellness. Covers topics such as food, diet, qi-gong and other options.
Finding a TCM Doctor
Locate a suitable TCM practitioner for your health needs.
Herbal Glossary
Modern TCM now avoids using endangered species.
Chinese Medicine Research

Common symptoms, their causes and diagnoses as well as treatments.

Chat Forum
A discussion group on TCM.
SCMP Column
Weekly TCM column from the South China Morning Post (SCMP).
Current Events
Outlines what is happening today in the TCM community.