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>>General Topics
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is an ancient medical practice, which was shaped in the light of Chinese philosophy and an unique cultural background. TCM practitioners use concepts like yin yang, five elements, qi, essence, spirit, meridians, disharmony symptom patterns and pathogens to interpret how the body works, guide clinical applications and to promote and maintain health. The information below can help you to be more aware of your health needs.
> I am interested in ancient Chinese water cures. Can you tell me about them? (21/09/2009)
> What is the meridian system and how does it affect health? (07/09/2009)
> I am confused about what the five elements mean in TCM. Can you explain how they work? (31/08/2009)
> I occasionally have trouble sleeping. What foods does TCM recommend? (03/08/2009)
> A TCM doctor has prescribed several herbs to treat my condition. How do they work together? (06/07/2009)
> The TCM doctor has prescribed some herbs. I've been given some instructions, but I'm still not sure what to do. Can you help? (08/06/2009)
>Facial complexion (02/03/2009)
>Herbs for soaking feet (22/12/2008)
>Healthy scalp (15/12/2008)
>Beat the autumnal blues (29/09/2008)
>The eye signs (15/09/2008)
>TCM research (08/09/2008)
>Weight-loss plan (21/07/2008)
>Hearing (07/07/2008)
>Ageing (16/06/2008)
>Chinese acupuncture (09/06/2008)
>Hangovers (26/05/2008)
>Health management in spring (24/03/2008)
>Winter coldness (18/02/2008)
>Menopause (28/01/2008)
>Dry mouth and thirst (21/01/2008)
>Body odor (17/12/2007)
>Fatigue (26/11/2007)
>Hiccups (29/10/2007)
>Menstrual regulation (22/10/2007)
>Breast feeding (15/10/2007)
>Mental fatigue (01/10/2007)
>Diets for post-surgical (10/09/2007)
>TCM liver system (16/07/2007)
>TCM Massage techniques (09/07/2007)
>Tips during summer (04/06/2007)
>Physical health (30/04/2007)
>Mental health (23/04/2007)
>Skin health (09/04/2007)
>Quit smoking (12/02/2007)
>Bowel matters (29/01/2007)
>Nature of pain (11/12/2006)
>Herbal baths (27/11/2006)
>Cupping method (23/10/2006)
>Low energy (16/10/2006)
>Scraping therapy (18/09/2006)
>Essence of life (26/06/2006)
>Wines (12/06/2006)
>The Five-animal Play (05/06/2006)
>Traditional herbal drinks (29/05/2006)
>Tongue signs (15/05/2006)
>Food taboos (27/03/2006)
>Body types (20/03/2006)
>How to prepare a TCM decoction? (06/03/2006)
>Traditional snacks (27/02/2006)
>Weight management (20/02/2006)
>Winter foods (02/01/2006)
  >Liver (21/11/2005)
  >Endurance exercise (07/11/2005)
  >Acupuncture (31/10/2005)
  >Tips for seeing TCM doctors (17/10/2005)
>8 therapeutic methods (19/09/2005)
  >Dual modulation (12/09/2005)
  >Examining techniques (22/08/2005)
  >Summer diet (04/07/2005)
  >Meridians (06/06/2005)
  >Qi, vital energy (30/05/2005)
  >Seven emotions (23/05/2005)
  >Six evils (16/05/2005)
  >Five elements theory (18/04/2005)
  >Five elements (11/04/2005)
  >Yin yang in TCM (28/03/2005)
  >Yin yang theory (21/03/2005)
  >The big picture (14/03/2005)
  >Is TCM health care? (07/03/2005)
  >Roots of good health (28/02/2005)