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Find out about common health problems, including causes of disease, diagnosis, and therapeutic principles as well as prescribed herbs and other treatment options in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). These topics will give you a holistic view on the development and management of specific diseases, and the differences between Chinese and modern medicine.
> I have a greasy, scaly scalp. I can't stop scratching it and lately, I've begun to lose hair too. (28/09/2009)
> I notice that I have been sweating excessively lately. I don't know whether this is due to the hot summer or if there's something wrong with my body? (14/09/2009)
> I've been plagued with constipation for a long time and I hate using laxatives; can traditional Chinese medicine help? (10/08/2009)
> For the past two years, I have been eating a lot of cooling foods and drinking chrysanthemum tea in summer V perhaps too much V and eating green bean soup and other cooling drinks and foods. I believe you can make your stomach too cold and therefore very sensitive. What can one do to strengthen the stomach and spleen? (13/07/2009)
> I tend to fall asleep in inappropriate situations or at inappropriate times, which affects my job performance. How can TCM help? (22/06/2009)
> I am in the information technology business, and lately my eyes have been sore and my vision blurry. I also suffer constantly from headaches and its starting to disrupt my work. How can TCM help? (15/06/2009)
> I sneeze a lot and my nose is often runny and congested, particularly in spring and winter. Can TCM help? (01/06/2009)
> Abnormal tastes (04/05/2009)
>Athlete fatigue (20/04/2009)
> Urinary tract infections (06/04/2009)
>Abnormal bowel habits (23/03/2009)
>Tightness in the chest (09/03/2009)
> Warts (23/02/2009)
>Functional dyspepsia (19/01/2009)
> Chilblains (12/01/2009)
>Muscle cramps (05/01/2009)
>Chapped lips (08/12/2008)
> Acupuncture for insomnia (01/12/2008)
>Type 2 diabetes (17/11/2008)
> Varicose veins (10/11/2008)
>Herbs for menopause (03/11/2008)
>Coughs (20/10/2008)
>Systemic lupus erythematosus SLE (06/10/2008)
> Summer ailments (18/08/2008)
>Stroke (28/07/2008)
> Dizziness (02/06/2008)
>Treatment strategy for skin rashes (19/05/2008)
>Eczema treatment (05/05/2008)
>Development of skin rashes (28/04/2008)
>Hypotension (21/04/2008)
>Muscle twitches (07/04/2008)
>Cold sores (25/02/2008)
>Excessive gas (04/02/2008)
>Mastitis (07/01/2008)
>Diarrhea (31/12/2007)
>Indigestion in holidays (24/12/2007)
>Plantar fasciitis (02/12/2007)
>Shingles (05/11/2007)
>Anaemia (08/10/2007)
>Arthritis (17/09/2007)
>Athlete's foot (03/09/2007)
>Acne (20/08/2007)
>Gum health (13/08/2007)
>Back pain (06/08/2007)
>Heat rash (23/07/2007)
>Bad breath (25/06/2007)
>Tonsillitis (18/06/2007)
>Hypertension (21/05/2007)
>Detoxification (14/05/2007)
>Common cold (19/03/2007)
>Seasonal allergies (15/01/2007)
>Depression (01/01/2007)
>Candidiasis (25/12/2006)
>Irritable Bowel Syndrome (13/11/2006)
>TCM external treatment (06/11/2006)
>Headache (02/10/2006)
>Sprain relief (04/09/2006)
>Sleeping difficulties (21/08/2006)
>Cancer care (24/07/2006)
>Surgical recovery (17/07/2006)
>Stress relieves (10/07/2006)
>Mouth sores (01/05/2006)
>Stress problems (24/04/2006)
>Early pregnancy (17/04/2006)
>Bone healing (03/04/2006)
>Indigestion fixes (16/01/2006)
>Plagues (09/01/2006)
  >Postnatal care (26/12/2005)
  >Diabetes mellitus (05/12/2005)
  >Sore throat (28/11/2005)
  >Menstrual problems (24/10/2005)
  >Blood deficiency (3/10/2005)
  >Heart (26/09/05)
  >Hay fever (25/07/2005)
  >Dehydration (18/07/2005)
  >Spleen (20/06/2005)
  >Kidneys (13/06/2005)
  >A study on SARS (2/05/2005)
  >Cold remedies (25/04/2005)