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This section lists common symptoms, their causes and diagnoses as well as treatments from a traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective.
>>Chest Sweating  
>>Chronic Coughs  
>>Cough and Cold Symptoms  
>>Distending sensation in the head  
>>Excessive Daytime Sweating  
>>Facial and Head Sweating  
>>Headaches and menstruation  
>>Headaches during pregnancy  
>>Health Tips for Shift Workers  
>>Heaviness sensation in the head  
>>Little / No Sweating  
>>Night Sweats  
>>Premenstrual Discomforts  
>>Supra-orbital pain  
>>Sweating in the Groin  
>>Sweaty Palms and Feet  
>>Underarm Sweating and Odor  
>>Bleeding Gums   
>>Coughing Up Blood  
>>Blood in Urine  
>>Blood in Stool  
>>Bleeding Under the Skin   
>>Blood in Semen   
>>Abnormal Uterine Bleeding  
>>Leg Cramps  
>>Itchy Anus  
>>Itchy Ear  
>>Itchy Eyes  
>>Itchy Scalp  
>>Itchy Scrotum  
>>Itchy Vulva