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Chinese Medicine Treatment for Excessive Facial and Head Sweating

The faces of individuals with this condition tends to sweat uncontrollably even with light physical activities with sweat beads forming continually on the forehead, the nose, above the lips or the whole face. Excessive sweating may occur on the neck and scalp as well, making the skin and hair look oily or dirty. Such individuals will have a tendency to blush and have acne. This kind of sweating is much more noticeable than other types of excess sweating.

The acupoints and meridians of the head
The acupoints and meridians of the head

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the stomach meridian and large intestine meridian runs through the face, therefore excessive facial sweating is usually associated with internal heat or damp-heat accumulations brought in by the two meridians to the head region. On the other hand, it may also due to internal weakness that fails to nourish the corresponding area on the body surface. For example, the nose is considered the opening of the lung system; a deficiency of the lung will lead to excessive sweating on the nose.

Children are more likely to have excessive head sweating than adults, particularly during sleeping, since they have active metabolisms and their internal systems are under development. Take note if they also have difficulty sleeping, are easily irritated and have sparse hair.

Common disharmony patterns of excessive facial sweating are:

Damp-heat steaming the head

People with excessive sweating on the facial and head regions may also have thirst, fatigue, abdominal distention, feverish sensation of the body, yellowish urine, burning urination, and a yellow, greasy tongue; the pulse is soft, floating and rapid. The remedy should clear heat and promote urination.

Sample prescription: Five Ingredients Powder with Poria plus wormwood herb, gypsum and corktree bark.

Stagnated heat irritating the head

People with excessive sweating on the head may also suffer from irritability, a red face, anorexia despite hunger, a red tongue covered by yellow fur, and a rapid pulse. The remedy should clear heat and settle the mood.

Sample prescription: Gardenia fruit and Fermented Soybean Decoction plus bamboo shavings, tangerine peel, bupleurum root and baical skullcap root.

Insufficiency of yang-qi

People with excessive sweating on the face or head may also be pale, have shortness of breath, sensitivity to low temperatures, limb coldness, fatigue, a pale tongue and a weak pulse. The remedy should warm yang, replenish qi (vital energy), reconsolidate the exterior body and arrest sweating. Herbs usually prescribed are astragalus root, aconite root, ginseng, fossil bone and oyster shell.

Qi deficiency

People with excessive sweating on the head may also have shortness of breath, fatigue, general weakness, paleness and a poor appetite. The remedy should invigorate the spleen and replenish qi.

Sample prescription: Tonify the Middle & Augment the Qi Decoction

Since people with excessive face and head sweating tend to have a sensitive digestive system, they should maintain a light and easily digestible diet. They should also drink plenty of water to replace lost body fluids and which helps dissipate the excessive heat through urination. Regular exercise helps strengthen the bodyˇ¦s control of sweating and reduce the stress that triggers sweating. If the sweating problem is associated with an internal deficiency, certain food or tea recipes may be suitable.