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TCM Massage Therapy
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TCM Massage Therapy for Impotence

Acu-pressure massage, also called Tuina, is obviously non-invasive in comparison with acupuncture. It promotes the qi (vital energy) and blood flow through the meridian system. Selection of acu-points is based on the syndrome differentiation similar to acupuncture therapy.

Below are some of the protocols that are applied in impotence:

Module one (see the graphic of acu-points for reference)

  • Lay the person flat on his back. First press the shen que area with the palm root slowly, be sure to apply deep and thorough force, and continue for five minutes. It is appropriate to create a mild heat sensation below the navel.
  • Press and knead the qi-hai, guan-yuan & zhong-ji with palm edge, apply pressure to each acu-point for two minutes.
  • Then rub the guan-yuan and qi-hai areas with the whole palm for three minutes, it is appropriate to experience a mild heat sensation in the lower abdomen.

    Module two

  • Lying face down, first press the shen-shu and ming-men acu-points gently, until the person feels slightly sore and distended in those areas; apply pressure in each acu-point for two minutes.
  • Push with the thumb over the ci-liao and zhong-liao acu-points for six minutes, then change to a stronger stimulation using a kneading technique on each acu-point lasting for one minute.
  • Press and knead the yao-yang-guan acu-point until a heat sensation is felt in the lower abdomen.

    In cases of deficiency of both the spleen and heart:

    Additionally, knead the xin-shu, pi-shu & san-jiao-shu acu-points for one minute, and then rub and scrub the left lateral back side that corresponds to the spleen and stomach region.

    In case of kidneys damaged due to fear and fright:

    Additionally rub the forehead and press and scrub the tai-yang acu-point. Push with the thumb or press and scrub on the sides of the neck bone to and fro repeatedly for four minutes.