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The Chinese Folk Therapies
Treatment modalities : I.Prescriptions | II. Acupuncture&Moxibustion | III. TCM Massage Therapy  | IV.The Chinese Folk Therapies

Chinese Folk Therapies for Impotence

1. Moxibustion with ginger and salt
Mosibustion at the umbilicus.
This method is usually applied at the umbilicus. First the salt should be ground and fried to a warm temperature, fill in the umbilicus, then cover it with or without a slice of fresh ginger properly. Place a moxa cone on the top of the salt and lit. When it burns out, renew another until five cones have combusted.

Apply once a day, Ten times is usually considered one course. Each course should be separated for three to five days. The choice of application usually depends on the condition being treated and the clinical judgment of the practitioner.

2. TCM Scrape Therapy
TCM scrape therapy

This is an old and popular folk therapy; some scholars believe it is a variation of TCM massage. By using slick rim tools and lubricated with vegetable oil or warm water only, the operator scrapes on the patient's neck, shoulder or back. Manipulate repeatedly from top to bottom, from inward to outward, until the skin area turns purplish red color. Some of the commonly used tools are glass stick, tender bamboo film, Chinese tablespoons and coins.

From a TCM viewpoints, this therapy promotes qi (vital energy) and blood circulation, draws perspiration so as to relieve syndromes of the exterior, benefits the tendons, activates the meridians and also regulates the organs. In the end, various pathogens can be expelled through body surface. The therapy can be applied extensively, such as treatment for sunstroke, flu, motion sickness and food distention.

Scraping protocols for impotence:

  • Scraping the Governor Vessel Meridian
    Start from the vertex acu-point bai-hui, pass through da-zhui, zhi-yang, ming-men and stop at yao-shu.

  • Scraping the bladder Meridian
    Scraping along the bilateral sides of spinal process, start from the acu-point xin-shu and end at ci-liao.

  • Scraping the Conception Vessel Meridian
    Start to scrape from acu-point qi-hai and end at qi-gu.

    The manipulation usually starts at the level of 7 cervical vertebrate and end at the 5 lumbar vertebrate, scrape in a downward direction first, and then from the side of thoracic vertebrate scrape along the rib sides. Apply 10-20 times in each direction, until purplish red spots or stripes appear.

    Scraping area in the Bladder Meridian

    Scraping area in the Conception Vessel Meridian

    Scraping area in the Governor Vessel Meridian