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Acupuncture and Moxibustion For Impotence

Acupuncture and moxibustion are common modalities for treating sexual dysfunction. They are effective for rapid symptom control and deeper energy alignment.

1. Body acupuncture therapy

Some of the acu-points for impotence
Two groups of acu-points selected for impotence are: potence are:
  • Shen-shu, ming-men, shan-yin-jiao & nei-guan;
  • Guan-yuan, qi-hai, zu-san-li & shen-men.

Each time, select one group alternatively. In order to enhance the needling sensation, the practitioner may apply the lifting and thrusting technique frequently. Sometimes it is necessary to practice acupuncture in conjunction with moxibustion therapies too.

2. Ear acupuncture & Aural Acu-point Stimulation

From a TCM viewpoint, the ears are an important pivot for the meridians to communicate with each other. When the organs are in disharmony, it will be reflected on the auricle of the ear through the meridians . Individuals with impotence usually have problems with the kidneys and liver. Therefore, physicians can stimulate the acu - points in the ears that correspond to the affected regions. The therapy can be employed two ways: needling or padding with herbal seeds.

Some of the auricle acu-points selected for needling are: pelvic cavity, external genitalia, testis & endocrine. (See graphic for reference)

For acupuncture, the practitioner will select two to four acu-points each time. The time for needle retention is approximately ten to 30 minutes, during which the needle is manipulated frequently.

For the method of padding, herbal seed like Semen Vaccariae (Cowherb seed) is used.

Auricular points for impotence
A. pelvic cavity
B. external genitalia
C. testis
D. endocrine