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Massage to Promote the Eye Region

1.  Knead the eyebrows: press the thumbs on the inner sides of the eyebrows (Bl2) and knead 20 times; the pressure should be increased gradually to obtain a feeling of soreness.
2.  Pinch the nasal bridge: use the thumb and index finger to pinch the nasal bridge closest to the inner canthi of the eyes (Bl1), firmly press and pinch about 20-30 times.
3.  Press under the eyes: use the index finger to press just below the pupils (St2), and knead about 20 times.
4.  Scrape the orbits: put the thumbs on the temple areas, use the middle knuckles of the index fingers to press the inner canthi of the eyes, then scrape apart along the upper and lower orbits, about 20-30 times.
5.  Compress the eyeballs: first rub the hands together to get them warm, then put them over the closed eyes with the palms for 30 seconds; then slightly rub the eyeballs 10 times or more.
6.  Thumb-knead the temples: firmly knead the center of temples (Ex-HN5) with the thumbs about 30 times.

This massage is useful for the prevention and treatment of myopia, blurred vision, glaucoma and other eye problems.

Massage to promote the eye region
Massage to promote the eye region