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Massage to Promote the Chest Region

1.  Rub the intercostal area: use the finger tips to rub along the intercostal spaces on the opposite side, apply firmly from the middle to lateral spaces, up and down. In addition, knead forcefully in the middle of sternum (breastbone) (Rn17), then the depressions in front of the shoulder joints (Lu1), and finally around the breasts; do this 20 times.
2.  Grasp the thorax muscles: Apply one thumb tightly against the chest, and the index and middle fingers are inserted in the armpit, slowly and gently grasp and pluck the tissues in between the fingers; do this 5 times.
3.  Clap the chest: make one hand in a half fist and clap the chest, up and down about 10 times on each side. Try not to hold the breath while clapping.
4.  Rub the chest: use the palms to scrub the chest region, apply forcefully, back and forth transversally, about 20 times. These should create a warmth feeling.

This massage can help to relieve symptoms like chest tightness, stuffiness, cough, breathing difficulties, and palpitation.

Massage to promote the chest region
Massage to promote the chest region