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Acupressure for Relieving Hoarseness

1.  Thumb-knead the depressions below the occipital bone (Gb20), at the bottom of the skull, 30 times.
2.  Knead and push along the sides of the back of the neck, 5 times.
3.  Press and knead on the point just above the Adam's apple (Rn23), 30 times.
4.  Knead on both sides of the Adam's apple, 30 times.
5.  Knead on the sternal notch (Rn22), 30 times.
6.  Knead the back bone, about shoulder level (Du14), 30 times.
7.  Use the middle finger to knead the sides of the third thoracic vertebra (Bl13), 30 times.
8.  Knead the mid-sternum (Rn17), 30 times.
9.  Nip and knead the middle part of the palm web, between the thumb and index finger (Li4), 30 times on each hand.
10.  Nip on the outer side of the thumb nail (Lu11), 10 times on each hand.

This massage promotes the flow of qi in the lungs and regulates the throat. When kneading or pressing on particular points, there should be enough force to bring about numbness or soreness, while rubbing or wiping should create a feeling of warmth.

Acupressure for easing hoarseness
Acupressure for easing hoarseness