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Massage Therapy for Menopause

Menopause is a transitional period that involves major hormonal and metabolic shifts inside the body. The symptoms accompanying menopause are varied and extensive. It is well recognized that the greater the stress, the greater the symptoms. If the symptoms are so apparent and severely disrupt normal living, women should consult with healthcare providers to map out an appropriate management.

Massage is perfect for relaxation and stress relief among the available options for menopausal women. TCM massage techniques aim to promote the circulation of blood and qi, smooth the Conception Vessel and Thoroughfare Vessel so as to resume the harmony of the internal system. Some massage protocols are given below:

Head region

  • Press on the depressions below the occipital bone, at the bottom of the skull (x10 times).
  • Press between the eyebrows and knead (x10).
  • Rub along the eyebrow bones, back and forth (x10).
  • Wipe the forehead away from the midline (x10).
  • Comb the scalp with all the fingers (2 minutes).

Back and hip region

  • Push up and down along the both sides of the spine, up and down (5 minutes).
  • Clench the fists and use the knuckles to knead the kidney region (2 minutes).
  • Rub the lumbar and hip regions with palm roots, up and down (2 minutes).
  • Rub the back of the thigh with the palms, up and down (2 minutes).

Abdominal region (done better in a lying position)

  • Press on the center of upper abdomen with one finger, push as deep as possible, until feeling soreness then release.
  • Repeat the above steps along the midline of the lower abdomen, on 2 to 4 point locations.

Leg region

  • Massage the calf muscle gently with both hands, up and down for 2 minutes on each leg.
  • Massage the acupoints on the legs, knead on each point for 30 seconds (see picture).
  • Knead the center of the soles of the feet (5 minutes each).
  • Massage the acupoints on the feet and knead on each point for 30 seconds (see picture).
  • Knead the center of the soles and pinch the back of ankles for 15 minutes.
  • Knead the base of the little toes (10 minutes).

Rubbing hands: rub hands together, palm to palm, back to back, finger to finger, then wrist to wrist, until each part becomes hot. In TCM theory, the three yin and three yang meridians of the arm all run through the hands, therefore, rubbing hands regularly can promote the flow of blood and qi in the related organs. It also helps promote sleeping.

Head massage: rub hands together to warm them and then sweep the hand from the forehead down to the chin, and then sweep back to the forehead for 1 minute. Massage the scalp and comb the hair with the fingers for 1 minute. Cover the ears with the palms, then flick the index fingers with the middle fingers so that they hit just behind the ear to create a booming sound (x10). Practice in the morning and evening. In TCM theory, the six yang meridians run through the head, so massage stimulates qi in these meridians and also helps calm the mind.

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