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Self-help and Home Remedies for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

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10. Massage for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

Massage can help relieve the discomfort of restless legs syndrome (RLS). In China, massage is not simply regarded as a mean of relaxation but as an important component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Since massage is simple and safe in application, and with effective results, it has evolved into many of the present forms. Acupressure massage is a popular form that based on the meridian theory.
It involves using fingers to strike, press, knead or pinch in order to stimulate specific body points along the meridians. The common body points to promote health for different body parts are listed in the Chapter of Massage Therapy.

It is advised to apply different manipulation skills for stimulation, e.g. standard massage procedures for muscle problem are:

1. Thumb press and knead the affected muscles and surrounding body points;
2. Swing the affected muscles by rolling techniques (rotating the back of the hand rapidly back and forth over the affected surface);
3. Use palm root to rub on the affected area and then grasp the area with the fingers;
4. Rub on the surface with the palm side until the area is warm;
5. At last, pat (with a slightly bent palm) on the area.

For some individuals, their RLS symptoms may be a lifelong problem, it is important to develop some coping strategies that are worked. Plenty of options are available to help find relief and promote better sleep.

Message skills such as press, knead, roll, rub, nip and pat