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Self-help and Home Remedies for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

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9. Apply Herbal Compresses for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

This can help to calm down the overly active legs and promote the muscles to recover in its normal conditions. For restless legs syndrome (RLS), Chinese herbal compress or dressing methods can be a choice at home. They help relieve the painful symptoms and stiffness of the legs. In mild cases, the remedies alone can often bring enough relief.

common clubmoss herb garden balsam stem honeysuckle stem
Common clubmoss herb Garden balsam stem Honeysuckle stem

Herbal prescription for compress

Common clubmoss herb and garden balsam stem 300g each; erythrina bark, ledebouriella root, pubescent angelica root, red peony root, psoralea, garden balsarm seed, 150g each; flowering quince fruit, Chinese safflower, pricklyash peel, frankincense, Dahurian angelica root, 100g each; cassia twig 500g and halite 300g.


Grind into coarse powder mixture, sprinkle on some wine, divide into two portions, put in two bags, and wrap up tightly as a ball. Each time, steam the herbal balls for 10-15 minutes, press on the affected body parts with the heated balls alternatively for about 40-60 minutes. Do this twice a day, 7 days as a course of treatment. After application, hang up the balls in a ventilated place to let them dry thoroughly so as to prepare for reuse next time.

Herbal prescriptions for dressing

1. Angelica root 60g, cassia twig 20g, cyathula root 24g, dried centipede 3 pieces.

2. Garden balsam stem 30g, Chinese safflower, angelica root, Sichuan lovage rhizome, 15g each; Chinese rhubarb, aconite, red peony root, 10g each.

3. Chinese rhubarb 60g, Chinese safflower 15g, common clubmoss herb 30g.


Grind into powder mixture, and add in some hot wine or Vaseline to mix in a paste form. Apply the warm paste on the affected body surface, cover and wrap properly, and keep overnight.

In addition, moxibustion is also a convenient method for promoting health. The method involves the burning of mugwort or other herbs to provide heat for an acupoint or area of the body surface. It can be used alone or in combination with other methods. For RLS individuals, moxibustion helps regulate the organ functions, and resume normal activities of the blood and qi, and promote the body to rest. The suitable body points for RLS are:

Body points

shen men (Ht 7), zu san li (St 36), he gu (Li 4), wei shu (Bl 21), pi shu (Bl20), shen shu (Bl 23), ming men (Gv 4), wei zhong (Bl 40), cheng shan (Bl 57), san yin jiao (Sp 6)


Select 4-6 points every night, light a moxa stick, and hold it close to a point for several minutes until the area turns red.

RLS_moxibustion_acupoints RLS_moxibustion_acupoints_back
Moxibustion acu-points for health promotion. Moxibustion acu-points for health promotion.