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>> High Blood Pressure and Chinese Medicine
>> Chinese Medicine Guideline for Hypertension Management
>> Dietary Advice and Chinese Tea for Hypertension
>> Adding Chinese Food Remedies to Your Diet to Lower Blood Pressure
> Hyperactivity of liver-yang
  > Qi stagnation and blood stasis
  > Phlegm and dampness accumulation
  > Yin deficiency of both liver and kidney
  > Deficiency of both yin and yang
>> Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapies to Lower Blood Pressure
>> Auricular Stimulation to Lower Blood Pressure
>> Chinese Body Point Stimulations to Lower Blood Pressure
> Cupping therapy
  > Magnetic therapy
  > Needle tapping therapy
  > Scraping therapy
>> Chinese External Herbal Remedies for Hypertension
> Herbal pillow
  > Herbal dressing
  > Herbal foot soaking
>> Qi-gong Practice to Relax and Reduce Blood Pressure
>> Chinese Acupressure to Regulate Body and Reduce Blood Pressure
>> Main References

>> High Blood Pressure Facts and Myths
>> Hypertension Treatment Facts and Myths
>> Hypertension : West vs. East Medicine
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