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Hypertension : Prevention
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The best way to prevent hypertension is to live a healthy lifestyle. Researchers are not certain what the exact causes of hypertension are, so it's hard to pin point how to prevent it. However, there are several risk factors that may contribute to hypertension, and put you more at risk for heart disease and stroke. Some prevention strategies for the risk factors include:

Maintain an optimal body weight. People who are obese with a body mass index (weight in kilograms divided in height in meters squared) of 27 or higher are more likely to have hypertension.
Reduce salt intake in your diet. Eating too much salt can increase blood pressure in some people.
Drink alcohol in moderation. Heavy and regular consumption of alcohol can increase blood pressure.
Exercise regularly. Lack of exercise and inactivity can lead to excess body weight and increase the chances of high blood pressure.
Avoid tobacco use. Cigarette smoking is a powerful risk factor for heart disease.


As high blood pressure is often due to a combined effect of long term emotional stimulations, internal injuries and improper diet, some active measures can help reduce the chance of developing it, such as healthy diet, regular exercise, controlling body weight, reducing stress, no smoking, moderate drinking and appropriate medical prescriptions.

Exercise regularly
Life relies on motion and health depends on exercise. It has been proven that regular exercise and training lead to a stronger body which helps to resist negative influences.





A balanced lifestyle
The Chinese medicine approach to healthcare is no different from the general philosophy of western approaches. It considers that appropriate exercise, diet, relaxation, social relationships, and habits all play a part in promoting a healthy body. Where the Chinese model may differ in the area of what is considered "appropriate." It emphasizes the importance of dynamic balance in everything we do, and might lead to approaches that do not favor our lifestyles. Balance and the "middle way" are everything, and although little is ever completely ruled out, nothing is ever considered very dominant.




Peace of mind and optimism
TCM believes a person's mindset contains the power to influence the body's functions positively or negatively; positive thinking and an optimistic outlook on life can definitely help maintain a healthy balance in the body.




Use herbs for medical prevention
Herbs that have been time tested by TCM practitioners and medically researched can be beneficial in maintaining a healthy balance in the body and preventing chronic diseases such as hypertension. It is important to understand which herbs are fit for your particular condition, and so consult a qualified TCM practitioner for follow up.

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