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The Source Points and Connecting Points

A source point refers to the place where the primordial qi from the organs gathers and then is distributed throughout the body. There are twelve source points and all of them are located in the wrist and ankle. Stimulating on these points can have promising results for diseases in the corresponding organs.

A connecting point is where a meridian branch out the collaterals for communications. There are fifteen connecting points in the body; they are responsible for communicating the internal organs and the other meridians, and also pair two particular meridians in exterior-interior relationship. These connecting points are usually selected in conditions when symptoms of the both paired meridians are appeared. For example, lung meridian problems lead to coughing and wheezing and large intestine meridian problems may have toothache and neck stiffness; it is appropriate to select lie que (Lu 7) for these symptoms. The points are also used in conditions related to particular collaterals, and chronic stubborn internal cases.

Clinically, using a source point of particular organ and its corresponding paired meridian's connecting point together can enhance efficacy of the relevant problems. For example, a problem involving lung meridian, physicians will combined use the lung's source point tai yuan (Lu 9) and the large intestine's connecting point pain li (Li 6).

Table of the Source and Connecting Points on the Meridians

Meridians Source Points Connecting Points
Lung Meridian tai yuan (Lu 9) lie que (Lu 7)
Large Intestine Meridian he gu (Li 4) pain li (Li 6)
Stomach Meridian chong yang (St 42) feng long (St 40)
Spleen Meridian tai bai (Sp 3) gong sun (Sp 4)
Heart Meridian shen men (Ht 7) tong li (Ht 5)
Small Intestine Meridian wan gu (Si 4) zhi zheng (Si 7)
Bladder Meridian jing gu (Bl 64) fei yang (Bl 58)
Kidney Meridian tai xi (Ki 3) da zhong (Ki 4)
Pericardium Meridian da ling (Pc 7) nei guan (Pc6)
Triple Burner Meridian yang chi (Sj 4) wai guan (Sj 5)
Gallbladder Meridian giu xu (Gb 40) guang ming (Gb 37)
Liver Meridian tai chong (Lr 3) li gou (Lr 5)
Conception Vessel Meridian   jiu wei (Cv 15)
Governor Vessel Meridian   chang qiang (Gv 1)
The Major Collateral of Spleen   da bao (Sp 21)

The Source Points and Connecting Points