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1. Arm Tai Yin Lung Meridian


The Lung Meridian originates in the middle portion of the body, and runs downwards connecting with the large intestine. It then turns and passes through the diaphragm to connect with the lungs. This meridian branches out from the axilla (armpit) and runs down the medial aspect of the upper arm where it crosses the elbow crease. It continues until it passes above the major artery of the wrist, and emerges at the tip of the thumb. Another branch emerges from the back of the wrist and ends at the radial side of the tip of the index finger to connect with the Large Intestine Meridian.


Disorders of the Lung Meridian lead to diseases related to TCM lung dysfunction. According to TCM, the lung rules and regulates qi throughout the body and administers respiration (breathing). In addition, the lung moves and adjusts the water channels, so disorders of this meridian may be related to disharmony of lung fluid or "water" and respiratory disorders. Symptoms like chest discomfort with a fullness sensation, dyspnea (shortness of breath), cough, and wheezing indicate Lung Meridian disharmony. This disharmony can also lead to pain along the meridian position. For example, a person may feel pain in the shoulder and back or along the anterior border of the medial aspect of the arm.

Main indications:

Acupuncture points in the Lung Meridian are indicated for throat, chest and lung ailments and for other symptoms that are presented along the meridian's pathway.