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Six Evils : I. Wind | II. Cold | III Summer-heat | IV. Dampness | V. Dryness| VI. Fire


When different evils become too extreme, they become the fire evil.
When any of the five evils become too extreme, they often transform to become fire-evil. The symptoms are usually more intense forms of those associated with the original evil, plus symptoms of extreme heat. "Inner-fire" can also be caused by excessive emotional activity or by over-indulgence in food, drink, and sex. Violent anger, for example, often causes a sensation of heat rising from the upper abdomen, where liver-fire is raging. Too much strong food and drink causes fire to collect in the stomach; while deep grief or passion will often cause it to rise to the lungs.

Characteristics of the Fire Evil:
  Pathogenic fire-heat is one of the yang evils and it flames upwards in the body.
  Fire is likely to consume qi (vital energy) and impair the body fluid.
  Fire may produce wind and stir up the blood.
  Fire is likely to cause sores and ulcers.