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Multiple Sclerosis : Prevention
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The disease cannot be prevented at this time.


Because multiple sclerosis (MS) goes through characteristic phases of remission and relapse, any specific management should always be carried out in formal medical centers. Individuals are not encouraged to seek unapproved or self-healing methods, which may increase the risk of relapsing. Special attention also needs to be paid to daily living:

Exercise regularly to strength the body's resistance, in TCM understanding, when the body's vital energy (qi) is strong, no pathogenic factors can interfere.
Multiple sclerosis usually induced or re-occurs after influenza, which is categorized as wenbing (seasonal febrile diseases) in TCM; therefore it is important to avoid invasion of external pathogens in daily life.
High temperatures disturb the transmission of nerve impulses, so individuals should avoid hot baths or other thermotherapy.
For individuals in remission, taking Chinese medicine for an extended time can enhance and prolong the remission period and decrease changes of relapse. However, this should be closely monitored by experienced physician.

Below are recommended recipes:

In acute stages, a congee made by barley (60g), coix seeds (60g), glabrous greebrier rhizome (90g) can be served regularly. When serving, discard the rhizome and eat the congee while still warm. This recipe helps to eliminate damp-heat.

During remission, the diet should tonify the liver and kidney; some beneficial foods are litchi, persimmon, grapes, Chinese box thorn, white fungus, enoki mushrooms, sesames, rock sugar, pork, chicken, duck, rabbit, animal livers and kidneys, eggs, frogs and clam. A herbal tea can be prepared as regular drink, by using Chinese wolfberry fruit (15g), Astragalus (50g) and Common jujube fruit (10 pic) and boil with 2000ml of water, serve warm. The tea promotes qi and essence production.