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Auricular Therapy for Menopause

This involves stimulating points in the ear that correspond to different organ systemsof the body. The Lingshu (The Vital Axis) states: "The three yang meridians of arm and three yang meridians of the leg all run through the ears. Although there are no direct links between the six yin meridians and the ears, they have branches to communicate with the six yang meridians, and thus also connect to the ears indirectly." It can be said that the ears are an important pivot point for the meridians to communicate with each other.

According to modern TCM experience, the points on the auricles are just like a fetus in appearance with the head downward and the buttocks upward. The ear lobules are related to the head and facial regions; the scapha is related to the upper limbs; the antihelix and its two curves are related to the trunk and lower limbs. In each remedy, points are selected according to the disease location as well as TCM organ theory. The ear points can be stimulated with conventional needles, small seeds or specialized "press" needles. Each time three to five points are selected and different stimulation techniques are applied on them.

For menopause, physicians aim to enhance the kidney, spleen and liver systems, and they also select points related to the endocrine organs, sympathetic nerves and ovaries that can help regulate the female reproductive organs.

Protocol for auricular acupuncture
Suggested points: sympathetic nerve (31), ovaries (47), shen men (33), liver (56), spleen (48), stomach (55) and endocrine (46), See the picture below.

Methods: Sterilize the ear and stimulate with 0.5cm needles. On each point, insert into the cartilage and then twirl the needle rapidly for 30 seconds, and avoid penetrating through the ear. During treatment, individuals usually feel soreness at the region. Stimulate one ear at a time.

Protocol for auricular pressing
Suggested points: kidney (59), shen men (33), sympathetic nerve (31) and endocrine (46) are the major; when there are dizziness, blurred vision, headache and poor memory, add points like liver (56), adrenal (13), sub cortex (21) and inner ear (5); insomnia, irritability, sweating and hot flashes, add points like heart (50), lung (49) and triple burner (47). See the picture below.

Methods: sterilize the ear and put magnetic patches on the points. At each point, stick on both back and front surfaces of the auricular area. Individuals should press on the patches 4 to 5 times every day, and each time should stimulate for 5 to 10 minutes. The pressing force should make the areas turn red, and feel heat and pain. Keep the magnetic patches on one ear, change the patches and side every two days.

Ear points for menopause

Magnetic patches for auricular therapy