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>>Facts about Sleep
>>TCM Understanding about Sleep
>>Health Benefits of Sleep
>>How TCM Views the Development of Insomnia
>>TCM Treatment Principles for Insomnia
>>Insomnia Treated by Chinese Prescriptions
>Fire syndrome caused by liver stagnation
  >Phlegm-heat harassment
  >Fire Syndrome caused by yin deficiency
  >Deficiencies of the heart and spleen
  >Deficiencies of the heart and gallbladder
>>Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapies
>>Auricular Therapy
>>External Herbal Remedies
>Herbal pillows and sachets
  >Topical herbal dressings
  >Herbal foot baths
>>Massage Techniques
>Body points help ease insomnia
>>Chinese Qigong Practices
>>Proprietary Chinese Medicine
>>Eating Right to Promote Sleep
>>Chinese Herbal Teas
>>Chinese Porridge
>>Health Tips for Shift Workers and TCM Remedies
>How does shift work affect the body?
  >Get the rest you need
  >Protect your stomach
  >Keeping an eye on internal harmony
  >Promote the integration of body and mind
>>Managing Drowsiness Using Chinese Medicine