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>>Water Cures in Ancient China
>>Taking Cold Baths to Promote Health
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>>Sauna and Steam Methods to Promote Health
>>Herbal Foot Baths to Promote Health
>>Enjoying Natural Springs to Promote Health

>>Herbal foot baths to promote sleep
>>Excessive Underarm Sweating and Odor
>>Sweaty Palms and Feet
>>Excessive Sweating in the Groin
>>Home remedies for nosebleeds
>>Mouth washes for bleeding gums
>>Topical applications for blood in semen
>>Herbal bathing and washing for restless legs syndrome (RLS)
>>Herbal foot soaking to reduce blood pressure
>>Generalized itching
>>Itchy anus
>>Itchy eyes
>>Itchy scalp
>>Itchy scrotum
>>Itchy vulva