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I. Gall Bladder | II. Stomach | III Small Intestine | IV. Large Intestine | V. Bladder | VI. Triple Burner

Gall Bladder

Similar to western medicine, in TCM the gall bladder stores and secretes bile produced by the liver. The liver's flowing and spreading properties allow bile to be secreted into the small intestines where it aids the digestive process. Liver harmony is essential for the healthy functioning of the gall bladder. The secretion of bile also supports the spleen in its transformation functions. If liver disharmony occurs, bile secretion is affected, which can have a negative impact on other digestive functions. Disharmony of gall bladder function leads to jaundice where an individual develops yellow eyes and yellow skin colour as a result of a build up of bile in the body.

In TCM, the gall bladder rules decision and is related to bravery. Mental disorders involving anxiety and fear are treated by resuming gall bladder harmony.

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