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Peptic Ulcer : Prevention
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Initial occurrence
In general, eliminating or minimizing lifestyle habits that have been associated with an increased risk of peptic ulcer disease (PUD) such as smoking, stress, diet, and alcohol use can help reduce the risk of developing PUD.

No Smoking, No Alcohol, Reduce stress
More specifically, NSAID induced ulcers can be prevented by using an alternative medication for pain such as acetaminophen. If you must take NSAIDs, make sure you always take them with food. Prevention of the initial occurrence of non-NSAID induced ulcers is difficult as they are primarily caused by h. pylori.
The risk of ulcer recurrence in people with a history of NSAID induced ulcers who must continue to use NSAIDs can be reduced by using H2-blockers, Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), or a medication called misoprostol. Misoprostol is a prostaglandin derivative that increases bicarboante and mucus production and decreases acid secretion. If you are a woman of child-bearing age, you must use a reliable form of contraception if you are going to use this medication. Non-NSAID induced ulcer recurrence can be prevented by making sure you are compliant with the prescribed antibiotic regimen. Make sure you go back to your doctor to have a test to confirm elimination of h. pylori after you finish the antibiotic treatment and take a second course of antibiotics if the first one is not effective. If continued acid suppression is needed your doctor may prescribe H2-blockers or PPIs in lower doses.
In order to avoid a relapse or speed up recovery, appropriate emotion and dietary management are major concerns.

Avoid stress and negative emotions at all times.
Chinese medicine stresses the importance of eating according to a set routine. Regular meals should be taken at the same time, with similar amounts eaten for corresponding meals every day. It is best to eat cooked and light food and avoid foods that are too cold or hot-spicy.