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Ménière's Disease : Prevention
Western Medicine Chinese Medicine
No consistently valuable preventive measures are known. Patients should follow a low-salt diet, consuming no more than 2 g a day, as fluid imbalance is the basic cause of physiologic disturbance.

Low salt diet

An improper diet, stress and emotional instability are the common trigger factors for Ménière's disease. In the prevention and management of the disorder, it is therefore important to live a balanced lifestyle, maintain a proper diet and exercise regularly.

A balanced lifestyle
Pay attention to climatic changes to avoid the invasion of exogenous pathogens.
Eliminate stress and always retain an optimistic frame of mind.
Regular exercise helps to reinforce the body's constitution and resistance.
During episodes of the disorder, stay in bed to avoid unnecessary accidents.
The living environment should be quiet, sunny, warm and well ventilated.

Dietary management
Individuals should maintain a low-salt and light diet. Fried and greasy food should be avoided. As certain food can promote the functions of the organs, you should ask your TCM practitioner for recommendations.

Spiritual management
Individuals should avoid mental over stimulation and stress. Proper understanding of the disease is important. Always remain in an optimistic frame of mind and be relaxed. During remission periods, individuals are recommended to follow traditional Chinese exercise, such as the tai chi or eight-length brocade exercise. All of these measures can reduce the frequency of attacks.