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Diabetes Mellitus : References

Western Medicine References:

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Chinese Medicine References:

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  Written By:
  Western Medicine:
  Dr. May Mak, Pharm. D., C.D.E.
  Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy of University of Southern California, School of Pharmacy
  Chinese Medicine:
  Dr. Ding Xue-Ping (丁學屏)
  Head of the Endocrinology Department of Shu Guang Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of TCM
  Head of Diabetes Research Section of Shu Guang Hospital
  Chief physician, professor, director of Shanghai Cooperation Center of Diabetes Treatment with TCM
  Vice Director of the Specialized Committee of Diabetes
  Director of Shanghai Branch under the Society of TCM of China
  Member of the Professional Committee of Diabetes under the Chinese Society of Integration of TCM and Western Medicine
  Michael Yang, Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings Ltd.
  Angela Collingwood, MSN Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings Ltd.
  Rose Tse, Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings Ltd.
  Amy Wu, Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings Ltd.