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Acute Leukemia : Prevention
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Prevention of leukemia is often difficult because the exact causes of leukemia are not understood.

Do not smoke.
Avoid exposure to various chemicals such as benzene. The degree of risk from these chemicals depends on the intensity and duration of exposure.
Take safety precautions when working with hazardous chemicals or radiation exposures. Follow the environmental safety rules written to protect the workers in the industry.
There are no special tests recommended for detecting the leukemia early. The best way to detect leukemia in initial stage is to report any symptoms to the doctor right away. Persons with inherited genetic illnesses that are known to increase the risk of developing the disease should talk to their doctor about having regular checkups.
From TCM's viewpoint, prevention includes two aspects:

1. Preventing the onset of disease
2. Preventing the progression of disease

Prevention of Disease Onset:
  Stay away from evils such as wind and heat that invade the body and cause disease is important. Eat a proper diet, exercis regularly, maintain peace of mind by having an optimistic outlook on life. Get enough rest, and maintain a balanced lifestyle.
Prevention of Disease Progression:
  Individuals who suffer from acute leukemia should maintain an optimistic attitude, and actively participate with doctors in deciding treatment options. Keeping up good personal hygiene, eating a moderate diet, avoiding smoking and alcohol and avoiding overstrain or mental excitement are also important ways to prevent disease progression.
Special attention should be paid to following conditions:

When bleeding symptoms like the appearance of large body bruises, nose bleeding and gum bleeding occur, strict bed rest is recommended.
Leukemia sufferers are more susceptible to exogenous (external) pathogens, so they should be kept in a warm, clean and ventilated room, which should be sterilized regularly to prevent infection.