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Requirements for a Qualified TCM Gynecologist

TCM gynecology is a special branch of TCM; it is closely associated with other branches especially internal medicine. A qualified TCM gynecologist should have general TCM practitioner training from a well-recognized Chinese medicine institution and be familiar with a variety of physiological and pathological disease syndromes. They should also be knowledgeable in TCM holistic approaches of diagnosis and treatment. This is a basic requirement for judging whether a TCM gynecologist can diagnose accurately and employ therapies effectively. See article on " What to Expect From a TCM Doctor's Examination."

A qualified TCM gynecologist should properly understand both Western and Chinese medicine modalities.

Secondly, a qualified TCM gynecologist should properly understand both Western and Chinese medicine modalities, so that he or she is capable of integrating the advantages of these two medical practices. An assessment by a knowledgeable practitioner is absolutely necessary for a safe and effective treatment. In many instances, combined treatment methods using both Chinese and Western medicine have had more favorable outcomes then using either system alone.

From a patient's viewpoint, it is more important to choose a physician with abundant clinical experience and a good knowledge base. Sometimes, this means choosing a veteran TCM practitioner that may not have had formal schooling, but one who has trained extensively as an apprentice from a well known family practicing TCM medicine for generations. Their particularly rich empirical traditions are generally reliable with unique and efficient methods of treatment handed down over the centuries. This special physician group is also worth consideration.


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Professor, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

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