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TCM Treatment methods : I.Chinese Herbal Therapy | II. Acupuncture and Moxibustion | III TCM Massage Therapy | IV. TCM Folk Therapies

TCM Treatment Methods for Female Infertility

The Chinese place a large emphasis on the family so they take every possible measure to continue their progeny. Fertility management of both men and women has been well developed in TCM. Hundreds of herbs have been identified and used extensively along with acupuncture, massage, diet and lifestyle modification for treating this condition. They have become increasingly popular in Western countries as more and more couples find they work. In fact, TCM fertility techniques are relatively non-invasive and can sometimes offer a better success rate for less cost. They are significant for non-organic incidences of infertility where the problem may be functional and not structural.

For female infertility, the key therapeutic factors are focused on:

TCM gynecology consultation

Practically, when TCM gynecologists consider an appropriate therapeutic strategy, they usually take account of the Western medical diagnostic techniques and test results to design an effective course of treatment. It is advisable to find a qualified TCM gynecologist who properly understands both Western and Chinese medicine modalities, so that he or she is capable of integrating the advantages of these two medical practices. Furthermore, when a couple complains of infertility, a physician should investigate both partners and treat either or both as appropriate.

Outlined here are some treatment options that can be employed singly or in conjunction with one another.


Chinese Herbal Therapy


Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapies


Massage Therapy


Chinese Folk Therapies

Individuals should bear in mind that there is no exclusive TCM therapy for infertility. Each regime is customized from the independent conditions that exist within each individual. Therapy adjustments during the course of treatment are not uncommon as an individual's condition changes over time. For couples who feel desperate, it is necessary to be patient, open minded and determined. A standard TCM course may take at least six months for intensive treatment. There are many available solutions for infertility and the TCM method is one option worth trying.