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Chinese Patent Remedies for Amenorrhea

TCM regards amenorrhea as the most complex of menstrual disorders so this condition may need long-term maintenance. Chinese patent remedies for women's health are characterized by their general tonifying effects. They help the body to resume a balanced internal environment by itself so the normal menstrual cycle will return.

TCM has a unique theory about regulating menstruation see " Using Chinese Herbs to Regulate Periods." For generations, many prescriptions have been formulated for menstrual problems. These classic formulas have been made into patent remedies that provide an alternative choice for people who look for low-cost, convenient and long-term treatment options.

Herbal boluses

Below are some suggestions for those experiencing amenorrhea:

Chinese name aY
Pinyin liu wei di huang wan
English name Six-Ingredient Pill with Rehmannia
Actions Nourish the liver and kidney
Indicated syndrome pattern Gradual cessation of menstruation, dizziness, ear ringing, back and knee soreness, low libido, frequent urination at night, night sweats, low grade fever in the afternoons, and heat irritation in the chest, palms and soles

Chinese name KïqY
Pinyin Ba zhen yi mu wan
English name Eight Precious Ingredients Pill with Motherwort
Actions Replenish blood and qi to regulate menstruation
Indicated syndrome pattern Gradual cessation of menstruation, scanty amount and light colored menses, pale complexion, fatigue, low spirits, dizziness, palpitation, poor appetite and breath shortness

Chinese name pY
Pinyin Shao yao wan
English name Free and Easy Wanderer Pill
Actions Soothes the liver and tonifies the spleen so as to nourish the blood and regulate menstruation
Indicated syndrome pattern depression, irritability, dizziness, chest congestion, bloating, distended pain in the lower abdomen

Chinese name xcY
Pinyin Ai fu nuan gong wan
English name Aryyi Leaf & Cyperus for Warming the Uterus Pill
Actions Warm the uterus to promote menstruation
Indicated syndrome pattern Sudden cessation of menstruation, cold pain in the lower abdomen that can be relieved by warmth and massage, loose bowels
Caution Heat symptoms that present with constipation and fever

Chinese name ⤻glY
Pinyin Xiang sha liu jun zi wan
English name Costus and Amomum with Six Noble Ingredients Pill
Actions Benefit qi, invigorate the spleen and harmonize the stomach
Indicated syndrome pattern Missed periods with excessive amount of vaginal discharge, dizziness, sleepiness, tightness in the chest and gastric region, puffiness and obesity

Besides being available as pills, these patent remedies can also be made into other forms such as a bolus, soft extracts, capsule, powder, syrup, tablets or granules. Find a reputable brand and read the label carefully before you buy any drugs.