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Acupuncture Therapies for Amenorrhea

Acupuncture activates the flow of qi (vital energy) and removes blockages in the meridians. For individuals with amenorrhea, stimulation is focused on the Spleen Meridian and the Conception Vessel so that the production of blood and qi is ensured and they flow to the uterus as well.

1. Body acupuncture

The major acupoints are: zhong-ji, shen-yu, tai-chong, san-yin-jiao and xue-hai. (See the graphics for references.)

Additional acu-points are added in different disharmony patterns:

  • Deficiency in liver and kidney: gan-yu;
  • Deficiency in blood and qi: zu-san-li, tian-shu;
  • Stagnation of blood and qi: ji-men;
  • Obstruction of phlegm and dampness: feng-long.

    Apply daily with an even technique and retain the needles for 20 minutes in each section. Ten times make up one course. Anaylsis: zhong-ji is for regulating Conception and Thoroughfare Vessels; xue-hai and tai-chong can relieve liver stagnation; san-yin-jiao stimulates blood circulation, and shen-yu enriches yin and reinforces the kindeys.

    2. Auricular acupuncture

    The auricular points for amenorrhea treatment are: endocrine, ovary, uterus, brain, liver and kidney. (See the graphic for references.)

    When using filiform needles for stimulation, apply daily and select 4-5 points on one ear, retaining the needles for 20 minutes. The points can also be stimulated by ear pads or by dermal needles.

    Acu-points in the ear