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TCM External Remedies to Help Fight Cancer

To shrink tumors and detoxify the body are important approaches in TCM anticancer strategies, however, many ingredients are either too strong or toxic that they cannot be used internally. These include unprocessed herbs like:

tian nan xing Jackinthepulpit tuber Rhizoma Arisaematis
ban xia Pinellia tuber Rhizoma Pinelliae
chuan wu Common Monkshood mother root Radix Aconiti
teng huang   Resina Garciniae
xiong huang Realgar Realgar

Or herbs for activating blood and removing stasis like:

san leng Common Burreed tuber Rhizoma Spargani
e shu Zedoray rhizome Rhizoma curcumae
shui zhi Leech Hirudo
su mu Sappan wood Lignum Sappan
meng chong   Tabanus Bivittatus

Common Burreed tuber
Zedoray rhizome

Or herbs in pungent and warming properties like:

gan jiang Fried ginger Rhizoma Zingiberis
fu zi Monkshood Radix Aconiti
rou gui Cassia bark Cortex Cinnamomi
xi xin Chinese wild ginger Herba Asari
bi bo Long pepper Fructus Piperis Longi

Sappan wood
Chinese wild ginger

Local applications of medicinal substances mean that the active ingredients of certain preparations are absorbed through the skin and then onto the cancer site. Through the slow absorption process, there is less risk to develop general poisoning reactions, it also enables drugs to bypass the interference from the kidney and liver as well as avoid adverse stimulation on the intestinal tract. During application, physicians will change the base constantly so as to avoid local reactions like itchiness and rashes appearing.