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Herbal Remedies for Chronic Coughs - Phlegm-heat Type

TCM types of chronic cough: Phlegm-dampness | Phlegm-heat | Liver-fire | Yin deficiency

This is chronic coughing with yellow sticky mucus, a strong smell or is blood stained; other symptoms include a coarse and fast breathing, chest oppression, chest pain on coughing, a bitter taste in mouth, thirst, and a feverish sensation in the body. The tongue coating is yellow and greasy; the pulse is either rolling-rapid or taut-rapid.

The remedy should clear heat, resolve phlegm and smooth lung qi.

Sample prescription: Modified Clear Lung Heat and Resolve Phlegm Decoction

In the prescription, the mulberry root-bark, baical skullcap root, gardenia fruit and anemarrhena rhizome clear heat in the lungs; the unibract fritillary bulb, snakegourd seed and balloonflower root resolve phlegm in the lungs; the pummelo peel and poria promote the spleen so as to stop the source of phlegm production; dwarf lily-turf tuber and liquorice root nourish the lungs and promote the organ recovery. Additional herbs are necessary when certain symptoms are serious, for example:

Unibract fritillary bulb
snakegourd seed
white mulberry root-bark

If the mucus is really thick and sticky and has a strong smell, the force of eliminating the phlegm and heat can be strengthened with herbs like:

yu xing cao heartleaf houttuymia herb Herba houttuyniae
Jin qiao mai wild buckwheat rhizome Rhizoma Fagopyri Cymosi
lian qiao weeping forsythia capsule Fructus Forsythiae
dong gua ren winter gourd kernel Semen Benincasae
yi yi ren coix seed Semen coicis

If the lungs are too dry and have heat, individuals may experience difficulty in coughing out mucus, suffer from thirst and mouth dryness, certain herbs can promote the production of body fluids and so make the mucus thinner.

nan sha shen fourleaf ladybell root Radix Adenophorae Strictae
tian hua fen snakegourd root Radix Trichosanthis