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Title: any pastes for scars?
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a wen Posted - 10/4/2023 7:39:56
i just went through a surgery and i have a big scar. are there any pastes that can help? i'm about three weeks healed.
TCM Posted - 31/5/2023 13:42:24
Scar formation is a part of wound healing process that can be affected by factors such as age, local wound conditions, nutrition, associated diseases and conditions, localized circulation, immune health, medication and stress etc. Sometimes, the scar tissues become overgrowing and lead to a raised lump, named as hypertrophic scar.
Laboratory studies have showed that some chinese herbs are helpful to prevent scar overgrowing, however it is difficult for the effective ingredients of pastes to penetrate into the scar tissues and inhibit the abnormal growing, this natural barrier can affect the therapeutic efficacies of herbal pastes.