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Title: Fatigue w/ internal heat
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Justin Posted - 4/10/2022 14:35:35
28 y/o male with chief complaint of fatigue and low energy. He always feels very tired after eating and also very bloated. Tongue presents as red, swollen, greasy, little coating. Pulse is moderate - strong on both sides. I wanted to put him on either Si Jun Zi Tang or a similar formula like Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang but I'm concerned they might be too warming if he already has internal heat. Any suggestions on modifying or choosing another formula all together? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you,
TCM Posted - 25/10/2022 10:59:28
How is his appetite and bowels?
How long this has last?
A ˇ§greasyˇ¨ tongue is unlikely to be little coating,
Tonic formulae are indicated for deficient states, individuals tend to present a pale tongue, poor appetite, loose bowels, cold limbs, general weakness, dizziness, sallow complexion, sweating,,,,

Besides organ deficiency, fatigue may be due to excess accumulated pathogens that disturb qi activities inside the body. And it is closely associated with unhealthy living habits such as improper eating, poor sleep and lack of exercise. Dispelling the pathogens and regulating bowels may be more necessary.