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Title: Chronic belching
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Johannes Randefelt Posted - 3/9/2022 16:43:05
Hi,I've had issues with belching for years now and I really dont know what to do to get rid of it. I try to eat a diet thats not too heavy, eat ginger, triphala, some bitters occasionally, flax seed.

Can anyone recommend a regime thats effective against belching? What kind of TCM herbs can i take everyday to increase digestive fire and decrease belching. I guess I should avoid damp forming foods like dairy etc?

All help appreciated. Thank you.

TCM Posted - 17/9/2022 12:11:41
Belching, from a Chinese medicine view, can be induced by improper diet, external pathogenic attacks, internal phlegm-fire irritating or emotional distress. It is primary associated with qi disturbance inside the digestive track and spleen deficiency.

What are your other signs? Bad breath, thick tongue coating, thirst, acid reflux, low appetite, paleness?
The remedy should be selected according to the disharmony pattern.