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Title: Itching, darken & harden skin
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Della Nguyen Posted - 1/9/2022 23:42:00
My daughter is 16 years old. She has very itching skin with rash, darken and harden skin where she scratches, dry mouth, craving about sugar often. They appear around her neck, around her ankles, and around her eyes. Her skin was itching so bad that she could not sleep. She went to the western doctor who gave her steroid cream but it did not help. What herbal medicine do you recommend for her? Thank you
TCM Posted - 17/9/2022 12:12:53
The skin problem seems last for a long time and has developed into a complex condition, a mixed of disharmonies may involve, such as blood stasis, blood deficiency and wind.

Chinese medicine treatment is helpful for relief, but a comprehensive treatment plan including both oral and external remedies is needed. It is better to find an experienced herbalist in your local area for an individualized prescription.