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Title: Tinnitus from Kidney Imbalance
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Paul Posted - 31/8/2022 20:42:08
Hi There,

I have tinnitus for almost 2 years due to kidney imbalance. is there any TCM in Malaysia that know how to treat this health problem?

My symptom:

1) Ear ringing
2) Frequent Urination
3) Yang Vacuity Cold Attack during midnight sleep
4) Mild Dizziness
5) Insomnia sometimes / Heat imbalance
6) Right Foot slightly bigger than left foot
7) Difficulty to sweat during exercise

i need help, thanks!

tee Posted - 5/10/2022 11:48:15
my bowel is partial watery and watery.. 2 layers
Paul Posted - 21/9/2022 11:51:05
Im 32 years old.. a TCM doctor said i got kidney and heart disharmony..

1)Body is too difficult to get rid of water (body dampness)
2)Heart fire and Kidney water not helping each other to achieve balance
3)Doctor gave some medicine which to warm up my body..

any prescription to help on my condition? i got tinnitus for almost 1.5 years until now

TCM Posted - 17/9/2022 12:14:57
How old are you? What did your family doctor say about your condition?
Are you taking any medication or under any treatment?
How is your diet or bowels?

The symptoms are more likely yang deficiencyˇK.
Pls contact the local TCM association in your country.