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Title: Kidney Yang Deficiency
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William Posted - 3/8/2022 18:49:35
My TCM practitioner told me I have a kidney Yang Deficiency and Damp Cold in my spleen. My symptoms are loose stools, frequent bowel motions, need to use the toilet directly after eating, stomach rumbling, low energy, tiredness, lower back pain, low libido and erectile dysfunction.

I have been receiving acupuncture as treatment but would there be any herbs that could support?

Paul Posted - 31/8/2022 20:44:33
Hi William, i think we have the same problem..

do you have ear ringing problem? frequent urination? difficulty to sweat?

TCM Posted - 29/8/2022 14:45:25
So many symptoms.
Yang deficiency of kidney and spleen is better consult a herbalist for individualized remedy!