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Title: Hyper-secretions
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Steven Posted - 8/7/2022 1:37:58
I am having over-secretions of saliva in my mouth. Also over-secretion of mucus in my throat. My nose is constantly stuffed. Post-nasal drip as well. The mucus is mostly white-clear-and a bit of yellow. Its mixed with saliva. It has a very thick and tenacious consistency.

Right now I am using Cardamom, which seems to stop the saliva pretty well. It also has cleared the throat mucus a bit and made breathing a bit easier.

I am also using slippery elm and marshmallow root. Which, is very soothing to the tissue and helpful for digestion.

My other issue is the tendons of my throat feel over-used. Always constricted and tired. The usual locomotive function of the muscles seems disrupted.

I am thinking of adding Teasel Root for this. Also Solomon's seal for the tendons. Solomon's seal also seems to be known to help with lung issues.

What other herbs could I add for these connective tissue problems?

How about the saliva/mucus hyper-secretion?

I am considering:

Magnolia Flower

Chrysanthemum flower

Thank you.

TCM Posted - 9/7/2022 12:52:43
Do you have allergy or Reflux Disease?
Have you checked your stomach?
How is your appetite and bowels?
Where did you get the herbs?

It is better to consult a professional in person.