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Title: Reoccurring Urinary Infection
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Amy Posted - 23/5/2022 7:00:01
First, should I take loose powder, pills or whole herb?

Second, is Ba Zheng definitely the best route? Mine keep coming back, I'm being clean and doing everything right. Pretty sure my infection is NOT ecoli.

Dmannos didnt work, and i took tons of it.

TCM Posted - 25/5/2022 16:36:43
Yes, identify the disharmony pattern is the premise and foundation of Chinese medicine treatment. Reoccurring Urinary Infection has many disharmony patterns, and so will be treated by different prescriptions.

Regardless the bacterial types, Chinese treatment aims to restore internal balance, including the balance between different bacterial groups, so as to relieve your urinary problem.
The treatment may take some time, and the form of herbal preparation can be discussed with your physician.