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Title: Tianshengyuan-1 (TSY-1)
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Matthew Brumbach Posted - 12/5/2022 11:33:09
Dear All,

I hope you are doing well.

I am sorry to bother you all, but I am in a desperate situation. My mother is suffering from a very rare autoimmune blood disease called "aplastic anemia". It is severe. Her current treatment doesn't seem to be working.

I happened to come across a Chinese herbal concoction called Tianshengyuan-1 (TSY-1) that has had true success in bring severe aplastic anemics into remission. I have no idea how to obtain this herbal concoction in the United States.

There is talk about it online from researchers at the UCLA (validating its efficacy in treating aplastic anemia), but most sites that discuss it are in Mandarin Chinese.

Could you anyone please advise me? I am willing to pay for someone to help me.


TCM Posted - 25/5/2022 16:38:47
Aplastic anemia is a condition that occurs when your body stops producing enough new blood cells. It is a chronic yet difficult health problem. What did the western doctor say about her cause and treatment?

Chinese medicine uses many prescriptions for aplastic anemia, physicians not just simply target on promoting blood cell production, but also the overall functioning of the body. Based on the presentations of patients, the disease is divided into disharmony patterns, and will be treated differently.
You should consult a Chinese physician for a custom remedy, so as prevent any potential risk.