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Title: Open call participants!!!
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tengteng Posted - 1/4/2022 0:58:07
Hey everybody!

I am a fashion student in Amsterdam and looking people to interview with!

My project is opening the Traditional Chinese Medicine and decolonise the western eye on medicine and fashion.
I will be focussing on accupuncture and make garments about the meridian lines within a human body.
Therefore, I am looking for people to collaborate with! This is an open call for people who would be open for an interview about how the acupuncture points they experienced relates with their complaints on their own body.

Eventually, I will need 5 individuals that are open about sharing the acupuncture points they had and the reasons why for as a starting point of my collection.

Thank you so much for helping me out! You can send me a dm if you are interested!

Greets, TengTeng