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Melanie Posted - 12/2/2022 14:01:44
Dry mouth and lips.
What are your thoughts on constant dry lips and mouth?

James N Baker Posted - 5/5/2022 5:46:29
The environment can be a factor too. During the winter I have the heater on which takes all the water out of the air causing my lips to crack.

I remedied this by using a small $20 humidifier. All symptoms cleared up soon after using the humidifier daily.

TCM Posted - 9/3/2022 16:16:40
The dryness is likely associated with internal fluid depletion, it can further specific by other details:
1.Chapped lips, thirst, and skin dryness are linked to lung dryness.
2.A spicy and heavy diet, thirst, bad breath, big appetite and hard stools, are linked to stomach fire.
3.Chapped lips, hot flush, irritability, chest stuffiness, and insomnia, are linked to yin deficiency.