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Title: soup to dispel body heat
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mel Posted - 20/6/2021 19:58:33

would like to ask if there's any website on recipes for soup for people with heaty body?

also, soup recipes to support liver health?


TCM Posted - 29/6/2021 12:39:26
TCM usually clear the body heat with cooling drinks in summer:

As for the ingredients beneficial to liver, they should be selected according to health needs,
1.Liver rules flowing and spreading, which involve qi movement, emotional regulation and digestion, the selected ingredients should soothe the liver, such as http://shen-nong.com/eng/lifestyles/health_tips_for_different_body_constitutions_of_tcm.html#8

2.Liver stores blood and rules the tendons and open into the eyes, the selected ingredients should enrich blood, such as animal liver, chicken, beef, amaranth, spinach, red dates and wolfberry.

Knowing the properties of foods help you make better choices: