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Title: extreme cold, excess, and damp
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heather Posted - 16/6/2021 16:20:29
extreme cold, excess, and dampness

What foods/herbs/tea pills help with extreme cold, excess, and dampness?

What is this presentation called? ie: kidney yin deficiency or yang deficiency, or ...

TCM Posted - 29/6/2021 12:41:21
Syndrome differentiation should be based on clinical manifestations, what are the signs?

Extreme cold and dampness indicate an excess pattern, which can be due to endogenous reason such as yang deficiencies of kidney and spleen, or exogenous reason such as external coldness and dampness attacks.

Only when clinical manifestations are fully evaluated, a disharmony pattern has confirmed, then the remedy can be decided. Since cold and dampness can involve different body parts and in different degree, they lead to various clinical manifestations, and the remedies should be designed accordingly.