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Title: Scab never heals
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Melanie Posted - 22/5/2021 12:49:48
Hi and thank you. I have a small scab that never heals. It is located approximately, on Bladder 1(?) in the small space between my left eye and nose bridge. It began as less apparent and has progressed into a full scab that never heals. It never seems to get to a place of healing to the point of the scab drying and falling off, so after some days I will gently take it off because it becomes unsightly, but this often causes it to bleed. I have also noticed that if I bump the scab or brush over it when using a towel to dry myself after a shower, that the scab is very sensitive and will bleed a bit and quite a soreness will be felt there for a few minutes or so. It's just not right. Symptoms: I feel the cold easily, urinate often, have ovarian cysts. Burping, not Belching, just lots of burps. I am not overweight and I enjoy a physically active lifestyle outdoors. Thank you for your help in advance..
TCM Posted - 26/5/2021 12:08:00
How is the scab look like?
Do you find similar one in other body parts?
You better ask a skin specialist for skin problem.

Feeling cold easily, frequent urination and burping usually indicate a yang deficiency body: