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Title: Yang energy deficient
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Majstor 223 Posted - 18/3/2021 20:30:48
I dont have lunula on any of my finger nails,is there any chance i could ' restore' my yang energy in my body ?
TCM Posted - 19/4/2021 12:57:46
Are you inborn without lunula, or just missing recently?
Usually, they just be hidden underneath the skin at the base of your fingers, not a health concern. In some cases, missing lunulae may be resulted from trauma or a sign of anemia, malnutrition or depression. Do you have other unusual symptoms, such as fatigue or general weakness?

There is a say in Chinese medicine that small or missing lunulae indicated a yang deficiency. Are you sensitive to low temperatures, feel fatigue easily and likely to catch cold and flu easily? A yang deficiency body is suggested to do below: